Sunday, November 11, 2012

Comparing my AncestryDNA Results with my Mom's

Earlier in the year I took the autosomal DNA test through AncestryDNA. For my Mom's birthday I got her an AncestryDNA test, and the results have now come back to us. This post compares her results with mine.

Mom's Results
Compared against my Results
We had expected to see Native North American, based on my 2008 mtDNA test, and we were right. My Mom's test showed 6% Native North American. Her results also showed 10% Uncertain. The big surprise was 7% Middle Eastern. Perhaps that shouldn't be such a big surprise, with Jewish influence in Spain and Spanish conquest in Mexico, this may be where the 7% comes from. There's a lot of research to be done on this branch of my Mom's family.

This makes me wonder if there's Eastern European in the 10% Uncertain percentage on my Mom's results, or if I get the Eastern European from my Dad's side. This also makes me wonder how much of my 7% Uncertain figure is Middle Eastern, or what else might be in that figure.

The British Isles result wasn't much of a surprise, with my Grandpa Leo's family consisting of Read, Whitley/Wheatley, Matthews, Grinstead lines. I am a bit surprised that her percentages weren't higher from my Granny's Mexican side. But maybe if my Aunts took the test their percentages may be different from inheriting longer DNA sections from my Granny's side of the family.

It's worth mentioning that her results came back really fast - less than three weeks from sending off the sample to receiving the results. I wasn't expecting these back until Thanksgiving.

I'm really glad she was open to doing this test, and I hope this leads us to unlocking new chapters in the family's journey.

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  1. Interesting seeing the comparison between your two sets of results, Patrick! If you have Spanish heritage, keep in mind that Spain had quite a bit of Middle Eastern influence in several centuries prior to the 1500s.


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