Tuesday, July 2, 2013

James Daniel Havens Sr

This post continues with the Havens family in Tazewell County, Illinois. I've previously covered my wife's 4th-great-grandfather, Daniel Havens, and her 3rd-great-grand-uncle, Alexander Havens. The probate file of Daniel Havens showed that James Daniel Havens (Sr) was an executor of the will and the main inheritor of Daniel's estate.

James Daniel Havens was born in Monmouth, New Jersey in July 1828. In the 1850 US Census, James (age 23) appears in the household of David Osborne with his young wife Hannah (age 17), in Tazewell, Illinois. James and Hannah had at least the following children:

1. Margaret E. Havens (born in 1851)
2. Sarah Havens (born in 1854)
3. William Henry Havens (born in 1856)
4. Katey Jane Havens (born in 1858)
5. Alice Mary Havens (born in 1860)

In the 1860 US Census, James and Alexander were neighbors, and their father Daniel was living in the household with James, Hannah and their children.
James Havens appears in the draft list for Tazewell County in July 1863, although I have not yet found a service record for him in the Civil War.
In the 1870 US Census, Hannah no longer appears in the household as James' wife, but there is an Elizabeth Havens (born in Tennessee) who is listed. At this point I'm not sure if Charles Havens (born in 1867) is a son of Hannah or Elizabeth.

Whatever happened to the Elizabeth Havens listed in the 1870 Census is not clear, but the Illinois Marriage records from 1815-1935 on FamilySearch show that James Havens married Ellenora Rork in Tazewell County on 19 December 1872. Ellenora was my wife's third-great-grandmother.

In the 1880 US Census in Tazewell County, James and Ellenora are listed, with James' older children Alice (Mary Alice, age 20) and Bessie (age 6), and two new children, James Jr (age 4) and Charlotte (age 2). Daniel Havens (age 79) is also living in the household.
I do not yet have records on when James & Ellenora Havens moved from Tazewell County to Miami County, Indiana, but by the 1900 US Census the family was living there.
James Daniel Havens died on 15 June 1905 in Galveston, Cass County, Indiana.

For now, this is the information I have. At some point I'll need to write for records from Miami and Cass County. Or perhaps a cousin with these records will stumble on this post and reach out.

For James Daniel Havens Jr (my wife's 2nd-great-grandfather), his story continues from Tazewell County to Miami County, Indiana as well. I'll pick up his story in an upcoming post.


  1. My comments keep disappearing . . .Patrick Jones - you have listed links that link me to your wife. I am descended from James Havens & Ellenora (Rork - originally O'Rourke) Havens, of Galveston, Indiana. Would love to get in touch! I don't know anything about blogging or using this Google+ system - I'm sorry for that - but there must be some way, like old-fashioned (!) email: jennielucas@gmail.com. Hope to hear from someone soon!

  2. The family line goes like this: James & Ellenora had James Jr. James Jr. married ? (my memory is not keen) and one of their children was Hazel. Hazel m. Grover Rhinebarger. One of their children was Pauline. Pauline m. Doyte Mast. One of their two children is my mother, Barbara. I can never keep straight the greats- and how they add up, but I think this makes me a 3rd great-g-daughter of James & Ellenora. I am interested in learning more about Ellenora, although I believe all resources have been exhausted. Her marriage to James Havens in Tazewell County, IL, is about all there is. Oral history told us that Ellenora was Irish, descended from the great O'Rourke family of NW Ireland. Any info or communication is welcome!


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