Thursday, July 25, 2013

Civil War Record of Conway Jones

Back in February I wrote about Conway Jones, a son of my 5th-great-grandfather and brother of Robert Thomas Jones. I've now found his Civil War record. Conway (or Conaway, as he's listed on the pension file) originally served in Company H, 7th Tennessee Cavalry, later transferred into the 9th Cavalry and the 11th. He was 53 years old at enlistment.

On Conway's service record, he's described as 5 foot 10 inches, with dark complexion, dark hair and blue eyes. A later service record card lists him as 5 foot 8 inches. It also states he was a prisoner of war between 22 February 1864 and 22 March 1864.
Conway's service card from Company E, 11th Tennessee Cavalry states that he was absent in January 1864 & had deserted on 24 December 1863.
Conway's service card from May & June 1865 noted that he was sick in Hamilton County, Tennessee. This matches up with his pension claim. I was able to find Conway's Civil War pension file at the National Archives. I'll save that for a subsequent post.
Conway was discharged in September 1865 and provided with a bounty payment, as shown in the image above.

I have little personal details on my 4th-great-grandfather Robert. Based on the appearance details for Conway from his Civil War record, and appearance details for Robert's son Joseph from his Civil War pension file (he also had blue eyes and dark hair), I think it likely that Robert was also about 5 foot 8 to 10, with blue eyes and dark hair. This has been an interesting find and gives me a better picture of the overall Jones family in East Tennessee.

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  1. Congrats on your find! I love military records. I've been doing some research on my 2nd great-granduncle, who was an Assistant Surgeon in the Civil War.


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