Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Photo - A Conversation

This is an undated photo, but I believe the formidible woman with both hands on her hips is my great-grandmother, Manuela Portillo de Campuzano. The photo comes from a collection scanned by my Aunt Patty after my Granny died. This could be 1940s or earlier.

Update: By request, I have tried to enhance the photo to get a closer view of the women. My Granny and her sisters were a very pretty bunch, as some upcoming photos will show. My great-grandmother Manuela had her hands full with 9 children (5 girls, 4 boys)!


  1. I love this picture because you can tell these women mean business. I wouldn't mess with either of them. Great photo.

  2. I love it! Women (maybe men too?) usually put their hands on their hips when strongly making a point, defending their position, or are angry. It's unusual for someone to snap a photo of women in conversation like this - which makes it all the more wonderful. Can you enhance the photo with Picasa to get a better image of the women?

  3. Thanks Nancy & Andrea. I've added an enhanced photo.

  4. I wish I could see their expressions more clearly. It almost looks like an argument but who knows. I could be a discussion about another neighbor or the cow across the way. No matter what's being said I still think it's a great photo.


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