Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rootstech mobile app

In addition to the main website and following event happenings on Twitter (or Flipboard), the Rootstech conference has a new mobile application for the 2012 event. I downloaded the app to both iPhone and iPad. This will be a great tool for those attending in person, and very useful for those of us trying to follow remotely. I like the app as a green alternative to printed meeting materials, and it allows for schedule changes and updates to be communicated direct to attendees.

The app is a free download on the iTunes store, and for Android if that is your platform of choice.

While the app works on the iPad, it really is optimized for the phone (and that's ok). Downloadable conference documents are nice. If the organizers produce an update for 2013, having an app that displays conference materials full screen for iPad/tablets would be great. [UPDATE - the app has been updated on 30 Jan 2012 and now includes iPad support. This is a really helpful improvement.]

In my primary field (not related to genealogy), I attend international public meetings at least 3 times per year. We have produced mobile sites, but an app has advantages by being able display information on meeting times & locations even if wireless or mobile connectivity is not available.

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