Sunday, January 22, 2012

A First Post

I've been tracing my family history for over twenty years, and have decided to kick up things up a bit by diving back into the blogosphere. I've titled this blog Frequent Traveler Ancestry, as my Jones and related branches were certainly that as they made their way to the United States and beyond. I am hoping to be able to break through some long-standing brick walls, connect with other researchers, and share my discoveries in a new way. I may also use the blog to show connections between my own travels and previous journeys by family.

My Jones line was in North Carolina in the mid 1700s, and appears in East Tennessee around the time Tennessee became a state. Current research has me focusing on Jefferson and Grainger Counties between 1790-1820. Members of my Jones family left Jefferson County, Tennessee for Boone and Montgomery Counties in Indiana around 1879. I am also tracing various branches of my and my wife's family along the Atlantic Coast, Midwest, and as they journeyed west to California.

I have a very extensive tree on, but I am hoping to use this blog to highlight my research and share portions of work on several family lines. I also intend to self-publish the work I have collected to date in order to preserve this information for my children and other researchers who may be following these family lines.

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