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Painting by James McNeill Whistler, The Kitchen, 1858.

My Frequent Traveling sister's current visit to Scotland has me revisiting the McIntosh side of the tree. At the end of March, I looked back at David Detrick Lamon, my 3rd-great-grandfather. He married Permelia Smith on 10 December 1841 in Crawford County, Indiana. Permelia was the oldest daughter of Asa Putnam Smith and Lucinda McIntosh. Lucinda is the subject of this post.

Depending on the source, Lucinda McIntosh was born about 1802 in Kentucky, although census records put her birth year anywhere from 1798 to 1803. In her widow's pension application for her husband's service during the War of 1812, she wrote that she was 77 years old as of 14 April 1879 (almost 138 years ago). Lucinda noted that she married Asa Putnam Smith in Mount Carmel, Wabash County, Illinois in February 1815, although I cannot verify this in Illinois marriage records. The year seems early, as she would have only been about 13 if she was born in 1802. 1818 would be much more likely as their marriage year.

Lucinda states she was married by Guy Smith, Justice of the Peace of Wabash County. I do not know if he was related to Asa Putnam Smith. Guy Smith appears in Edwards County, Illinois in the 1820 Census. So does Asa Smith, living next door to William Smith. Edwards County is located to the direct west of Wabash County. The household shows three people. Lucinda's father John Og McIntosh appears at the top of the same census page.
Ancestry. 1820 US Census, Edwards County, Illinois.
Asa Smith also appears in the 1830 US Census in Wabash County, Illinois. Lucinda wrote that they lived in Wabash County for five years before moving to Crawford County, Indiana.

Asa and family next appear in the 1840 US Census in Crawford County, Indiana, between 50-60 years old.
Ancestry. 1840 US Census, Crawford County, Indiana.
Lucinda appears for the first time in the 1850 US Census in Crawford County, Indiana with husband Asa and family. Asa lists his state as Massachusetts. In Lucinda's widow's pension application, she noted he was born in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Ancestry. 1850 US Census, Crawford County, Indiana.
Lucinda and Asa had at least the following children:
- Permelia Smith, 4 December 1821-17 November 1890, born in Wabash County, Illinois
- Sarah J. Smith, about 1831-, born in Wabash County, Illinois
- Amanda Smith, about 1834, born in Crawford County, Indiana
- James M. Smith, 6 December 1835-1 September 1914, born in Crawford County, Indiana
- Elam W. Smith, 17 June 1841-26 March 1914

I have so far been unable to find the Smith family in Crawford County during the 1860 Census, but according to Lucinda's widow's pension application, they should be there. Lucinda's application was witnessed by John Bahr and Dunbar Patrick, two residents of Crawford County that I was able to locate in 1860.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Pension Application File.
In the 1870 US Census, Lucinda was living in the household of her son James Smith, with younger son Elam and daughter Amanda also there. Three-year-old Eliza W. appears in the home, but I cannot tell whose child she is. Living next door to this household was Sarah J. Vernon, who I think could be Sarah J. Smith, older daughter of Lucinda and Asa.
Source: Ancestry. 1870 US Census. Crawford County, Indiana.

Lucinda next appears in the 1880 US Census, still living in Crawford County, with daughter Amanda and "Vernon Wakefield". I think this 14 year old was 3-year-old Eliza W. in the 1870 US Census. Note Lucinda lists her father as born in Scotland and mother in New Jersey, which matches up with the research on her parents John Og McIntosh and Sarah Bennett. Daughter Amanda lists her father as born in Massachusetts and mother (Lucinda) in Kentucky. In the same 1880 US Census, Lucinda's oldest daughter Permelia Smith Lamon listed her parents as born in Massachusetts and Scotland, which is a bit off but if she heard stories about Lucinda's father John then maybe it makes sense that she put that down.
Source: Ancestry. 1880 US Census. Crawford County, Indiana.
Lucinda McIntosh Smith died sometime after 12 April 1880, most likely in Crawford County, Indiana. There's a bit more to follow on Lucinda's children, and on her siblings.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Letter of E. R. Hawn.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Letter signed by Lucinda Smith.

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