Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Marriage Record for James and Selina

The Crawfordsville District Public Library in Montgomery County, Indiana has been scanning local history documents, including marriage records. Among this set, I've found the marriage record for my 4th-great-grandparents, James Vail and Selina Hampton.

While James was at least 19 and perhaps 20 years old when he went to the Montgomery County Circuit Court on 27 March 1839 for a marriage license, the bride-to-be Selina Hampton had not yet reached her 15th birthday. She was born on 1 August 1824 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. The couple were married by the Justice of the Peace for Franklin Township, William Endicott, on 28 March 1839.
Source: CDPL, Marriage Record 28 Mar 1839.
Source: CDPL, Record of Marriage Certificate.
It is unclear if Selina was pregnant when they were married, but James and Selina had a daughter, Mary E. Vail, in 1839. My 3rd-great-grandmother Easter Vail was born a year later, on 30 December 1840. James and Selina had a huge family of at least 17 children. My best available information on their children is below:

1. Mary E. Vail, born 1839
2. Easter Vail, born 30 December 1840, died 19 January 1923
3. Eliza J. Vail, born May 1842, died 18 September 1842
4. Samuel Vail (28 May 1843-21 October 1899)
5. William M. Vail (20 June 1845 to December 1912)
6. Leander Vail (12 November 1848 to 31 October 1929, married Rebecca Ann Coltrain)
7. Jesse L. Vail
8. Joseph L. Vail (October 1851 to 24 February 1866)
9. John Daniel Vail (August 1852 to 16 December 1924)
10. Ellen Vail (8 July 1854-8 July 1854)
11. Sarah Vail (born 1855 or 1856)
12. George W. Vail (born 1857)
13. Phoebe A. Vail (born 1859)
14. Hannah J. Vail (born 1862)
15. Alice Vail (born 1864)
16. Thomas Vail
17. Elihu Vail (1866-1866)

For an earlier post on James and Selina, see Witnesses to a Widow's Pension. I'll have more on them in a subsequent post.

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