Friday, December 12, 2014

80 Acres of Bounty Land

In addition to a War of 1812 service record for my 5th-great-grandfather Thomas Jones, the National Archives had a separate bounty land application file submitted by Thomas. He received 80 acres of land.
Bounty Land application by Thomas Jones.
The bounty land application was submitted on 12 November 1850. Thomas notes that he turned 72 years old on 15 September 1850 - this is the first document I have seen a date of birth for him. Thomas was a corporal in Captain Gregory's company, and was drafted into service on 8 January 1814 in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee. He notes that he fought in the war against the Creek Indians, and that he was honorably discharged in May 1814 at Knoxville.

As with the pension file, 2nd Lieutenant James Tillet provided a statement on behalf of Thomas for his service in the company. Tillet notes that Jones accompanied him from Four Springs Camp, Lookout Mountain in March 1814 to press for guns and supplies for the company. Tillet left him at either Fort Strother or Fort Williams in the middle of April 1814, while Tillet continued to the camp of General Jackson.

On 4 April 1855, Thomas Jones applied for additional bounty land. On this document he again notes that he will turn 77 on 15 September 1855.

I was also able to check the service record for Sergeant Thomas Jones in Colonel Bunch's regiment, but this person was from Washington County, Tennessee.

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