Sunday, November 9, 2014

Three Guineas for a Game Certificate, 1811

Findmypast has a free weekend in honor of Veterans Day (through midday Monday). I've taken advantage of the opportunity to search on my British ancestors. In the 2 October 1810 edition of the Kentish Gazette, is a list of persons who obtained general game certificates. I think this must have been the equivalent to a hunting license. The cost of the game certificate was three guineas. My 5th-great-grandfather Samuel Oyler obtained this game certificate in 1810, and again on 20 September 1811. The list shows Samuel living in Hawkhurst, Kent, England.
Source: Findmypast. Kentish Gazette, 2 Oct 1810.
Source: Findmypast. Kentish Gazette, 20 Sept 1811.
This Samuel was the grandfather of my 3rd-great-grandfather Samuel Oyler, who arrived in the United States on 26 May 1828 at the age of 6.

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