Saturday, July 5, 2014

1628 Land Patent for Martha Key

The most read post on this blog continues to be the post on Elizabeth Key Grinstead. Her father, Thomas Key, set up his wife Martha Key with land opposite Captain Nathaniel Basse on the Warwicksqueake River. The Library of Virginia has a scanned copy of this land patent, showing 100 acres to Martha Key, wife of Thomas Key, on 2 December 1628 (not 1626 as noted in my 2012 post).
Source: Library of Virginia
The source information for this document is: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 66 (Reel 1). Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the Colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

I've found quite a few documents related to my different family branches in the Library of Virginia's digital archives. This is a great resource. Original documents related to the Key and Grinstead case have been on my research list for some time, so perhaps the Library of Virginia will have copies.

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