Friday, April 25, 2014

A Marriage In the News of Two Worthy Young People

The news clipping below comes from the Glasgow Republican from 15 February 1895, describing the marriage of my second-great-grandparents, Charlie Read and Mary Alice Cain/Cane/Kane.
Source: Glasgow Republican, 15 Feb 1895
Huge thanks once again to Kentucky researcher Linda for providing me with a copy of this article. I think we can rule out Crain as Mary Alice's last name. I am looking for variations on Kane/Cane/Cain in the Barren County area, from 1870-1910 in the hopes of locating parents and siblings for Mary Alice.

I already knew Charlie and Mary Alice were married on Valentine's Day 1895 in Barren County (see my previous blog post showing their marriage bond). This article shows that Mary Alice was living in Glasgow, Barren County when they were married, and they were married at 2pm in the afternoon at Charlie's brother's house, at the home of Bland Ballard Read. More threads to research, and the article provides a bit of color on Charlie and Mary Alice - respected by their friends and the wedding was significant enough to be newsworthy in Glasgow at the time.

From other Glasgow newspaper clippings, Guilford Dudley Read and his brothers were respected businessmen in Barren County, so a marriage for Charlie probably was news for the area. Since Mary Alice was of the area, perhaps her parents or siblings were also well known, and their names have just been lost due to time. I want to bring those names back to the surface again and know more about them.

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