Saturday, March 8, 2014

More Land Records for Henry Davis

I have previously covered my 5th-great-grandfather Henry Davis in several posts, including recently his service in the War of 1812 and the arrival of the family in Vermilion County, Illinois in 1835 and 1836. For the Davises to buy up so much land in Illinois they had to sell off their property in Ohio. Yesterday I received a copy of several land transfers in Guernsey County, Ohio from 1836, showing that Henry did sell off his property before moving to Illinois.

Sales to Alexander Mackey and Vincent Corkins
On 28 March 1836, Henry and Rachel Davis sold off the land of his original land patent in the southwest corner of township 9 in Guernsey County to Alexander Mackey for $1200. Henry and Rachel made a second sale on the same day to Vincent Corkins of Guernsey County for $3303 for the west half of section 6, township 9 in Guernsey County, containing 275 acres. The sale to Corkins was also witnessed by the 4th-great-grandmother Jane Conner Davis.
In one day the Davis family transferred their Guernsey County lands in exchange for $4503, a huge sum in 1836. This certainly helped support the family's move to Illinois.

I owe thanks to the Guernsey County Recorder's Office, who responded to my request in one day and sent a copy of the land transfer by email.

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