Saturday, March 1, 2014

More on Christian and Eva Brown

Once again I owe big thanks to the Lebanon County Historical Society. Yesterday I received a copy of two entries from Deed Book A in Lebanon County and several pages of additional marriage records from the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church transcriptions. The marriage record shows a marriage on 5 March 1805, between Christopher Losser (widower) and Eve Welsh (widow). The witnesses were Susanna Lochman and Elisabeth Nagle. The first deed book entry provides clarification on the relationship of this Eve Welsh to my 4th-great-grandmother Eva Welsh Brown.

Last week's post on the Brown Family in Pennsylvania noted the marriage of Christian Brown and Eva Welsh in March 1813 was witnessed by Christopher Loser. From seeing other documents, I think the correct spelling is Losser, with the double "s" being a German-style eszett.

Christopher Losser to Christian and Eve Brown, 17 June 1815

From looking at this document, Christopher Losser was Eva Welsh's (written here as Eve) step-father. When he married Eva's mother, also named Eve Welsh, he agreed to pay two hundred pounds of Pennsylvania money out of the money that Eve had brought to the marriage with Christopher to Eva. This also shows that Christian was a shoemaker, and he could sign his own name. Christian and Eva were living in Heidelberg Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

This gives some new research direction. Last week I thought I had Eva's father as Michael Welch, but now it looks like Eva's father died before 1805. There's more work to on Christopher Losser, and to see if I can find a will for him or Eve Welsh Losser. I will have a subsequent post on a loan paid back by Christian Brown to Henry German.

At least with the entry above, I know now the name of my 5th-great-grandmother on this line. Welcome to the family, Eve Welsh.

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