Sunday, February 16, 2014

John Conner's Will

The proximity of Henry Davis (my fifth-great-grandfather) to the Conner family in the Ohio Tax records for Spencer Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, triggered additional research in the Ohio Probate records for Guernsey County on FamilySearch. Sure enough, I found a will for John Conner Senior, and wouldn't you know, Henry Davis was a witness on John Conner's will, signed on 3 January 1825.

According to the will, John Conner Senior lived in Westland Township, neighboring Spencer Township in Guernsey County. The second page of the will states that John's eldest son was James Conner, and his subsequent sons were John Conner Junior, Joseph, Robert and Thomas. His daughters were listed as Rebecca Bay, Catherine Thompson, Eliza Pollock, Mary S. "Polly" Conner and Jean Conner. From the Ohio Marriage records, Rebecca Conner married Thomas Bay on 2 September 1813 in Guernsey County, Catherine Conner married Robert Thompson in Guernsey County on 16 September 1819, Eliza Conner married James Pollock in Guernsey County on 22 April 1824.
Source: FamilySearch, Ohio Probate Records, Image 80 of 524
The will was proven by John Conner Junior in Guernsey County on 15 February 1825, confirming that John Conner Senior died during the month of January 1825. Of additional interest is the name of the other witness on the will, William Pollock. Henry Davis married Rachel Pollock in 1807, I believe William was Rachel's brother.
There's more work to be done on the Conner family and on the parents of Jane Conner Davis. I am hoping this helps identify the connection. If other researchers of the Conner, Pollock and Davis families find this page, and have additional information, feel free to share.

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