Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Musgrave Orchards

It has been a while since I posted one of my Gumpy's sketches (see 29 January 2013, The Power of Wind). Below is another sketch from his Vanishing Landmarks, titled Musgrave Orchards and Cider Mill.
Art by Keith D. Jones, 1997
The sketch was accompanied by the following text:
"Soon after we moved back to Indiana, Jeanne and I discovered this roadside apple orchard and sales room south of Martinsville, Indiana on Old State Road 37, near the little town of Hindustan. We stopped and were welcomed by Bob and Pat Musgrave. They gave us a sample of fresh cider and as we enjoyed their Hoosier Hospitality, we were taken by the sights and smells of their sales room. There were great bins of red, green and yellow apples. The air was heavy with the sweet smell of cider and apples.

'What's so unusual about this?' Try to get this same kind of service and treatment the next time you shop at Krogers. This is another 'Vanishing Landmark'. Not only did we get a taste of Indiana apples and fresh cider, we made two new friends with the Musgraves."

The Musgrave family sold the farm in 2002, but it continues on today as family-run Core Farms CSA.

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