Friday, July 26, 2013

Civil War Pension File of Conway Jones

Following yesterday's post on the Civil War record of Conway Jones, I have a review of his pension application found at the US National Archives in Washington, DC. Conway Jones enlisted in the Union Army when he was about 52 years old, in Scott County, Tennessee (he was a resident of Hamilton County, Tennessee at the time). His pension application was filed on 27 April 1868 from Hamilton County.
 According to Conway's statement, the company in the 7th regiment was later broken up at Nicholsville, Kentucky in 1863 and the men were transferred to other regiments. He was transferred into Company E of the 11th Cavalry (later consolidated with Company H in the 9th Cavalry).

He claims to have contracted chronic diarrhea in March 1863 while in the line of service. An examining physician noted that "his system and condition much debilitated can work but little without great fatigue."

Sometime between April 1868 and 1870, Jones and family left Hamilton County, Tennessee for Driggs, Logan County, Arkansas. Conway Jones died in Arkansas in 1870. The pension application notes that it was barred on 23 April 1877.

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