Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Jones Goes to Arkansas

Postings have been slow this month. While work in my primary field is always busy, things are particularly busy right now. I've been writing on a major document, working on a budget, preparing for long distance travel. I am looking forward to seeing a new part of the world in the very near future, and looking ahead to Rootstech in March.

Last week I wrote about Conway Jones, son of Thomas Jones. Conway had an older brother named William Jones. Like Conway, William borrowed money from John Fain. On 14 March 1840, he borrowed $22.55. William appears in the 1840 US Census in Jefferson County, Tennessee.
By 1850, William, his wife Anna and family had moved to Marion County, Arkansas. William is shown as a blacksmith.
With a name like William Jones, how can I be certain I'm looking at the right one? William's oldest son is listed as Conway W. Jones, age 18 (he would have been born around 1832), named after his younger brother Conway. Two other children have the same name as William's parents, Thomas and Nancy.

The children of William and Anna appearing in the 1850 US Census were as follows:
1. Conway W. Jones, 18 (born in Tennessee around 1832)
2. Mary Elizabeth Jones, 17 (born in Tennessee around 1833)
3. Francis A. Jones, 16 (born in Tennessee around 1834)
4. Thomas, 12 (born in Arkansas around 1838)
5. Nancy C., 8 (born in Arkansas around 1842)
6. John M., 6 (born in Arkansas around 1844)

There's more research to be done, looking at records in Marion County, Arkansas. I haven't had time to do that. But maybe another Jones researcher will find this page and add some information to the story of William, Anna, and their children.

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