Monday, January 21, 2013

Search Tennessee Supreme Court Cases

The Tennessee State Library and Archives offers a search function of Tennessee Supreme Court cases for the period between 1809 and 1950. I'm searching for information on Rankin v State of Tennessee, 78 US 380 (1870), especially disposition of the case after it was returned by the US Supreme Court to Tennessee. While I didn't find what I was looking for on the Thornhill case through this tool, I did come across a potential find.

When entering "Jefferson" for the county and "Thornhill" on the keywords, I get a result for James Gibbons v Joseph Thornhill, from 1839. The cause is listed as "trespass and damages." What has me interested is in the 1830 US Census, James Gibbons is listed as the neighbor of Thomas Jones. Perhaps, just perhaps, there is a reference to Thomas Jones in this case file., 1830 US Census, Jefferson County, image 43 of 134
It would be helpful to know if the Joseph Thornhill in this case was the brother of Elizabeth Thornhill Jones, or their father, also named Joseph Thornhill. Thomas Jones was a surety for Joseph Thornhill Jr in 1830. 

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