Monday, January 7, 2013

Military Monday - Widow's Pension of Anna Jones Henry

To better understand some of the family connections in early Jefferson County, I have been looking at friends and neighbors of the Jones family in the 1830s-1840s time period. Thomas Jones and Hugh Henry recorded a deed in 1833 for 100 acres on Dumplin Creek. Hugh's brother David Henry married Anna Jones (daughter of John Jones and Anna Layman). Anna Henry filed a widow's pension application for David Henry's service in the War of 1812.

Over the Christmas holiday, I teased a letter from the widow's pension file of Anna Jones Henry, showing that the records from Sevier County, Tennessee prior to 24 March 1856 were unavailable due to the courthouse fire. Anna states that she and David were married in Sevier County on 1 November 1819.  I thought it was worth looking at this pension file to see who wrote on Anna's behalf and if it might uncover other connections with my Jones line.

According to the file, David served between 13 November 1814 and 13 December 1815 in the company of Captain James Churchman, 4th Regiment of the Tennessee Militia commanded by Samuel Bayless. This regiment defended the lower Mississippi, near Mobile, Alabama (see
Source: National Archives
Witnesses in support of Anna Jones Henry included Loftus P. Henry, Vineyard Brimmer, Jonathan Allison, James Gass and Isaac Allman. There is a discrepancy in the file, Anna states her marriage was 1 November 1819, Loftus Henry stated it was October 1816.

I'm sharing this as it may be of interest to others researching these families in early Jefferson & Sevier County.

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  1. Haven't found anybody in the War of 1812 yet. Found a lot of information though in Revolutionary Pension Records.


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