Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Updates

Last week I was in Los Angeles for meetings, with limited time for various family history threads I am tracking. Here are a few updates.

Indiana Freemasons
I received some welcome news from the Indiana Freemasons on my 2nd-great-grandfather and great-grandfather. The Indiana Grand Lodge pointed me to the appropriate contact at Thorntown Lodge No. 113, and apparently they have records going back to before the Civil War.

Edgar Lawrence Jones became a member of the Lodge in January 1921. Thomas Robert Jones became a member in October 1921. The Lodge is checking their files to see if they have any photos or additional information on either one.

Dearborn County, Indiana
In August I wrote to the Dearborn County Historical Society for some assistance in tracking down Mary Ann Haise/Hise and Samuel Oyler. On Friday I received an email that they may have found a lead on Mary Ann's arrival from Germany when she was five years old. I have seen a reference to a microfilm entry in the Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s, but the challenge will be to link this Mary Ann to mine. Hopefully this shows parents or siblings who can be tracked to Ohio and Dearborn County, Indiana.

I ordered a second test for another family member as a surprise, and I have received confirmation that the test has shipped. It will be exciting to get these results back. Maybe in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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