Monday, May 14, 2012

WDYTYA Cancelled

It was a bit disappointing but not surprising to see NBC not pick up Who Do You Think You Are for a fourth season (see the press release and accompanying stock hit on The program has been a great ad-buy for Ancestry for three US seasons, and it has been a positive source of quality tv for the viewers who have found and stuck with the show. Season 3 has been pretty good, arguably better than Season 2, and I was looking forward to another season.

I'd love to see this show get picked up by another network, and it doesn't necessarily need to be a legacy network like ABC, CBS or FOX. In fact, the show might be a better fit for a network like National Geographic. In the age of DVRs and online viewing, the program should not have to rely on "live" viewers for sustainability. Maybe live viewers & ratings are a necessity for networks like NBC, but WDYTYA could be perfectly viable as an online program with the right advertising and support (hey Google YouTube!). There's probably no shortage of celebrities for the program either. We'd all benefit fit the program could find a new home.

There are certainly smart people associated with the program, given the various international versions. Here's my free idea - the producers could partner with Facebook & show the program strictly online. Who needs a TV network when you can run advertising and feature the program in front of over a billion eyes online?

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