Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visit to Culpeper

On my way back from Culpeper yesterday I stopped by the small Read grave site, located in Jeffersonton, Virginia. I also stopped by the Culpeper History Museum on the drive out of town, which let me take a photo of the map below showing the area of Jeffersonton. In the middle of the map, where Jeffersonton Road (State Route 621) and Springs Road (State Route 802) come together, shows "J. Read". The Read graves are on the map in the green box just below the mark for Jeffersonton High School, and the graves are still there, on a hill located next to a house on Ridgeview Court, off Springs Road.
Photo from a larger map at the Culpeper History Museum
The original Read house dating from the 1750s is located about a mile or so south of Jeffersonton, on a private road off Highway 229/Rixeyville Road. I called in advance, and the owners were not up for a visit on short notice. I am hoping a letter via postal mail with an explanation and the history of the property will resolve any concerns. From Google maps and other photos Read descendants have posted on Ancestry, it looks like a beautiful property.

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