Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rootstech next week

I'm not able to travel to the Rootstech Conference next week, but many bloggers will be there and of course, one can follow the Rootstech conference via Twitter. I've added a Rootstech feed to my Flipboard. If you have an iPhone or iPad I highly recommend this free app. This is also a useful tip for other searches you many be interested in following. Just add a feed to Flipboard and you can easily flip through the latest posts. This has seriously changed the way I follow news and events.

The Rootstech week at a glance is posted at http://rootstech.org/schedule, and a list of official bloggers is available at http://rootstech.org/bloggers. The Twitter feed for the conference can also be found at http://twitter.com/#!/search/rootstech. I am hoping to catch some of the sessions remotely.


  1. FYI: For those unable to go to RootsTech in Salt Lake City next week, they will be streaming 14 sessions (free). Here is a link to the schedule: RootsTech Sessions

  2. They published a cool iPhone/iPad app a few days ago too. And Ancestry announced they'll be livestreaming from the conference.


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