Saturday, February 13, 2016

Revisiting Dolores

Back in November 2014, I wrote about the younger sister of my 2nd-great-grandmother Teresa Diaz, and her family with Francisco Mirazo in the border town of Nogales. Maria de Jesus Diaz and Francisco were living with my 3rd-great-grandmother, Dolores Quijada. The addition of new records on Ancestry allowed me to piece together a bit more information on Dolores. She was born in 1844. From 1867 to 1882, the baptism records for Dolores' seven children were in Hermosillo, but by 1883 she and husband Jose de Jesus Diaz were in the Pueblo de Seris, Sonora.
Frederic Whitaker, The Pot Vendor, 1949.
I do not know for certain whether Jose de Jesus or Dolores was of Seri descent, but it seems likely one of them was. This is a huge find. According to our AncestryDNA results, my Mom has 11% Native American ancestry, my Aunt Linda has 13% and Aunt Patty 12%. My sister inherited 5% Native American DNA, and I have 4%. So perhaps the Seri people are the source.

It is not clear where Dolores went immediately after the death of Jose de Jesus in 1884. It looks like she was pregnant with daughter Maria de Jesus Diaz when Jose died. She would have had several young children to care for too. Perhaps she had help from family in Pueblo de Seris. But it looks like she returned to Hermosillo, perhaps living with the family of my 2nd-great-grandmother Teresa Diaz.

After Maria de Jesus married Francisco Mirazo, they settled in Nogales. Dolores joined them and lived for several years there, probably helping with their first three children Francisco (1911), Dolores (1913) and Gustavo (1916). Dolores Quijada died in October 1917. Her death record says she was 72.
Ancestry, Mexican Civil Registrations, Nogales, Image 510.

Update - After some further digging, I found Dolores' baptism record. She was baptized on 27 March 1844 in Hermosillo. Her full name was Maria Victoriana de los Dolores Quijada and she was four days old. Her parents were Jose Quijada and Josefa Gradias, and these were my 4th-great-grandparents.

Finding this document opened up another set of entries referencing Dolores' siblings in Hermosillo, and revealed another connection to the Diaz (or Dias) family through Dolores' sister, Luciana Quijada.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

So many records

I am not certain when Ancestry added indexed Mexican Civil Registration records from FamilySearch, but it has been a huge addition for clarifying the various branches on my Mexican side of tree. The new records have included some brick wall breakthroughs and appear to have confirmed a family story about a connection to a Mexican President. I am taking my time to go through the results before bringing these discoveries to the blog. It is a good problem to have.
Frederic Whitaker, La Casa de las Flores, 1968.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Yesterday's find on Librada Campuzano led to another discovery of a previously unknown Campuzano, Librada's younger brother, Crescencio Campuzano. He was born in Arizpe around 1839, and he died in Agua Prieta, Sonora on 28 December 1917.
Ancestry, Mexican Civil Registrations, Agua Prieta, Image 330 of 2182.
Ancestry, Mexican Civil Registration, Agua Prieta, Image 331 of 2182.

The death record confirms Crescencio as a son of Vicente Campuzano and Benancia Gutierrez. It is interesting to see Ignacio and Arturo Osuna listed here. They were sons of Jesus Osuna, who appears as son-in-law of Librada Ayón and head of household in the 1900 US Census in Pima County, Arizona. Clearly Crescenio and Librada had a close connection with the Osuna family in Agua Prieta. I cannot tell from this record if Crescencio had his own family or if there were other members of the Campuzano family in Agua Prieta.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Back in 2012, I found a reference to Librada Campuzano, a sister of my 2nd-great-grandfather Vicente Campuzano, in a border crossing record dated 18 February 1918. She has largely remained a mystery, and I have been unable to find any other documents that might shed more light on how she fits into the Campuzano family puzzle. I now know that Librada was an older half-sister of Vicente, who lived to be at least 92 years old before passing in March 1921.
Painting by Frederic Whitaker, Village Fountain, 1954.

Librada Campuzano was a daughter of my third-great-grandfather Vicente Antonio Campuzano and his first wife Benancia Gutierrez. She was born in Arizpe, Sonora about 1829. Her death record is in the recently indexed Mexican Civil Registration records on Ancestry, showing that she died in the border town of Agua Prieta, Sonora on 31 March 1921. The document states she was born in Arizpe and lists her parents. It also shows she was a widow of man whose last name was Ayón. The witness on the death record was Jesus Osuna, who appears to have been her son-in-law.
Ancestry, Mexican Civil Registrations, Death records, Agua Prieta, Image 484.
In the 1900 US Census, Librada Ayón appears in the household of Jesus Osuna and his wife Loris Osuna in Pima County, Arizona. According to the census taker's notation, Librada had been in the US for 14 years, arriving in 1886. Loris is a short form of the name Dolores.

I have not yet been able to find other records on Librada, but she must have remained in Tucson for several years before moving across the border to Agua Prieta. 

There is a marriage record for Jesus Osuna and Dolores Calles in Arizona on 13 February 1893. It is curious to see the last name Calles as the maiden name for Dolores. Librada's sister, Maria Antonia Campuzano, had married Juan Bautista Calles. Right now I do not have much more to go on.