Sunday, May 29, 2016


The time sure flies by fast. Happy Birthday weekend to our little guy, who isn't so little any more.
Photo by A. Jones. May 2016.
Photo by A. Jones. May 2016.
Photo by Patrick Jones. S at Xcaret Park, Mexico. Mar 2016.
Last year's birthday weekend post is available here.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Margaret Patton Armstrong, 1783-1866

On Thursday I wrote about my 5th-great-grandfather Thomas Armstrong. His wife, my 5th-great-grandmother, Margaret Patton Armstrong, was born about 1783 in Pennsylvania. After the death of Thomas in 1856, Margaret continued to live in Perry Township, Hocking County, Ohio. She appears in the 1860 US Census, living next to the family of her daughter Nancy Ann Armstrong and husband Daniel Defenbaugh.
Source: Ancestry. 1860 US Census, Hocking County, Ohio.

Margaret died on 5 May 1866. Her estate was settled in Hocking County probate court. William Armstrong served as administrator of the estate.
FamilySearch, Ohio Probate Records, 1789-1996, Image 260.
FamilySearch, Ohio Probate Records, Image 274.
My 4th-great-grandfather John Armstrong received his distribution from the estate on 27 February 1867. He signed the document, indicating that he returned to Hocking County, Ohio from Indiana for the settlement of the estate.
FamilySearch, Ohio Probate Records, Image 283.
After Margaret's death, William Armstrong purchased several tracts of land in Hocking County. I am awaiting copies of land deeds from the Hocking County Recorder's Office. I believe William was consolidating the holdings that had previously belonged to Thomas Armstrong. Before I can follow the family back to Pennsylvania, I need to wait on these documents.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Street art Amsterdam

Photo by Patrick Jones. Stencil by Christian Guemy. 14 May 2016.
During my recent trip to Amsterdam, I had an opportunity to go on a 10 mile run through the streets and around canals. I also managed to spot some interesting street art during the run. The photo above showing a stencil of Bob Marley is by noted artist Christian Guemy.

Photo by Patrick Jones. Right side of art truck, near Hotel Okura. 12 May 2016.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Amsterdam, 14 May 2016
Photo by Patrick Jones. Ganesh mural by Fabrice Hund.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Mosaic tiles by Fabrice Hund. Amsterdam, 14 May 2016.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Wheat paste poster by FAILE.
Photo by Patrick Jones. FAILE poster, Dutch bike & flowers.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Amsterdam, 14 May 2016.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Large mural by a Dutch collective of artists.
The photo above shows the impermanence of street art. This large mural was painted by a Dutch collective of artists in late 2014. According to previous photos online, in 2014-2015 there was a grassy lot next to the mural. Now the mural is about to be hidden by a new building on Amsteldijk street.

Photo by Patrick Jones. Mural near a pub, Amsterdam.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Close-up on utility box.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Rear of the art truck, near Hotel Okura.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Left side of the art truck. 14 May 2016.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Street art as advertising for shoe store.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thomas Armstrong, 1774-1856

Earlier in the month, I started to look into the family of my 4th-great-grandfather John Armstrong. His parents were Thomas Armstrong and Margaret Patton. For this post, I will explore some of the information on my 5th-great-grandfather Thomas.
Source: Findagrave. Photo by C. Coss.
Thomas Armstrong was born on 16 June 1774 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He married in Margaret Patton around 1802, possibly in Fairfield County, Ohio. Thomas and Margaret had at least the following children:
- James Armstrong, born 7 October 1803, died 17 October 1827
- Nancy Ann Armstrong, born 19 December 1805, died 24 March 1875
- George F. Armstrong, born 19 April 1808
- Elizabeth Armstrong, born 20 April 1809, died 9 April 1860
- William Armstrong, born 28 October 1810, died 7 December 1888
- John Armstrong, born 4 March 1813, died 6 December 1882 (my 4th-great-grandfather)
- Thomas Armstrong Jr., born 30 May 1815, died 12 November 1864
- Mary Armstrong, born 18 January 1818, died 7 April 1888
- Margaret Armstrong, born 11 January 1822, died 4 October 1859
- George Armstrong, born 25 December 1826, died 10 July 1864

Thomas appears in the 1830 US Census in Perry Township, Fairfield County, Ohio. Jonathan Martin, another 5th-great-grandfather, appears at the bottom of this page, living quite close to the Armstrong family. John Armstrong married Jonathan's daughter, Sarah Sally Martin, in 1833.
Source: Ancestry, 1830 US Census, Fairfield County, Ohio.
In the 1840 US Census, Thomas Armstrong was still living in Perry Township, Fairfield County, Ohio. Jonathan Martin and family were also still close by. Thomas' son William Armstrong, shown on this census entry, later served as the administrator of Thomas and Margaret Armstrong's estates.
Source: Ancestry, 1840 US Census, Fairfield County, Ohio.
By the 1850 US Census, Thomas' household had grown smaller. Only son George was still living with his parents in this census record, although other children were close by.
Source: Ancestry, 1850 US Census, Perry Township, Hocking County, Ohio.
When Thomas died in 1856, it appears the family was living in Adelphi, a small town on the border of Ross County and Hocking County. According to the Hocking County Recorder's Office, Thomas Armstrong had land holdings in Hocking County. I am currently awaiting copies of several entries for Thomas, William and John Armstrong. Thomas Armstrong's estate was submitted to the probate court in Hocking County.

Thomas' estate was appraised on 22 March 1856. The contents of the estate are interesting, showing various farm supplies, animals and crops. Margaret Patton Armstrong bought several items from the estate using her own funds, including a gray mare, buggy and harness, a bureau, eight-day clock, and other household items.
Source: FamilySearch, Ohio Probate files, image 330 of 1762.
Source: FamilySearch, Ohio Probate files, image 332.
Margaret received the bulk of the estate, and the surviving children and heirs received a share in the amount of $175.38. John Armstrong had taken a loan from Thomas, most likely to move west to Indiana, so he only received $66.88 as his share.
Source: FamilySearch, Ohio Probate files, image 339.
My next post on the Armstrong family will look at the estate of Margaret Patton Armstrong. I am currently waiting on land records for the Armstrongs and will post more information on those entries after they arrive.

Flags at the UN

Photo by Patrick Jones. UN Conference Centre Bangkok, Thailand.
This was my view while at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok back in April. Bangkok was a wonderful, vibrant city and I hope to go back there at some point again in the future.