Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Santa Monica in 1877

This sketch is from the Santa Monica Public Library's Digital Collection, showing the bay and the old Long Wharf. The sketch is in a larger collection that was presented in 1975 for the city's centennial.
Source: SMPL Digital Collection
An earlier post showing maps and sketches from the Santa Monica Public Library Collection can be found from 4 June 2013 (see Travel Tuesday - Historic Santa Monica). See also my 28 December 2012 post of a photo from the Library of Congress - Santa Monica in 1908.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pacific from Parking Structure 6

Some of the best views of the Santa Monica coastline can be found on the top of the Second Street parking garages. This photo is from the roof of Parking Structure 6, on 6 August 2014.
Photo by Patrick Jones. View from Parking Structure 6, Santa Monica.
A similar view at sunset two days earlier.
Photo by Patrick Jones. 4 August 2014, Santa Monica.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday's Obituary - Charlie Read

Thanks go out to Find a Grave member Laura J. Stewart, who posted an obituary for my second-great-grandfather Charlie Read, on his Findagrave entry. Back in May 2013, I posted a transcription from the 14 December 1916 edition of the Glasgow Republican. Laura found a longer obituary in the 8 December 1916 edition of the Glasgow Times.
Source: Findagrave
There is an inaccuracy in the obituary, Charlie's father Guilford Dudley Read died nine months earlier, not "a few years earlier".

It is striking to see that he was the same age I am now, leaving behind a wife and ten young children. I was unaware that Charlie and Mary Alice had lost two children.

Remnant of Alexandria, DC

Walking around Old Town Alexandria last weekend I caught a glimpse of historic Alexandria from when it was part of the District of Columbia. One of the downspout pipes on a home off Prince Street near the Waterfront bears the stamp of "Alexandria, DC". These are pretty rare to see. Alexandria returned to the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1846, so the downspout is probably over 170 years old.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Prince Street, Alexandria, VA.
Michael Lee Pope's book, the Hidden History of Alexandria, DC covers this period in great detail and is worth a read if you are interested in the history of Alexandria (see also this Washington Post article from 5 October 2011 titled "How Alexandria Lost its DC").

This downspout bears the stamp of the T.W. and R.C. Smith Foundry, which was located in Alexandria.

See also "Looking for rainy signs of social status in Old Town Alexandria", from the Washington Post on 11 September 2013.

Sunday's Obituary - Albert Read

In the continuing search for information on the Cain family in Barren County, Kentucky, I looked back at the resources on Findagrave for Barren County. I found a new obituary posted on 29 July 2014 by Find A Grave member, Laura J. Stewart (#47412616) for Albert Shirley Read, brother of Charlie Read.
Source: Findagrave
The obituary appeared in the 9 November 1916 edition of the Glasgow Republican newspaper. Albert Read died a month before his brother Charlie.