Thursday, January 18, 2018

In the City of Angels

Photo by Patrick Jones. Near Chinatown, LA. 6 December 2017.
I'm back in LA for my annual January visit to headquarters. Yesterday I was able to catch the last hour of viewing at the Getty Museum, including a stunning sunset. I will have some photos from that visit soon. A sampling from previous January trips to LA can be found here: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.

Los Angeles is a regular trip for me and it has become a place that feels like home. This is one of my favorite cities in the world. I have been very lucky to be able to explore new parts and revisit some of my usual haunts when I come back.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Photo - Street Food in Bangkok

Photo by K. Jones. Street food in Bangkok, 1969.
The photo above was taken by my Dad while stationed in Thailand in 1969. Many of his photos from this year were of regular people, at markets or in villages. This one was shows a street food vendor. When you look closer at the photo, there are piles of pad thai, eggs and other ingredients next to the cook.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Bartender

I have previously written about Leonora Barba, sister of Marguerite Barba. This post takes a look at their brother, Henry John Barba. He was born on 8 November 1882 in New Orleans. As noted in Monday's post, Henry started his career as a cashier at the Hotel Morris Bar in Birmingham, Alabama in 1900. He moved back to New Orleans with his mother and sisters in 1901. Henry eventually relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio and he married actress Katherine Agnes Cain on 24 November 1908.
Ohio Marriage Records, Ancestry.
Like his sisters, his first marriage was short-lived. Henry returned to his mother's home at 708 Carondelet in the 1910 Census, but moved back to Cincinnati sometime after. His World War I draft card shows that he was back in Cincinnati, working as a bartender at the Wheel Cafe in 1918.
WWI Draft Card, 1918.
Henry married a second time, to a Catherine Dorothy (last name currently unknown to me). On his WW2 draft card in 1942, he listed Mrs. M. Barba, 1347 Magazine Street, New Orleans, as the person who would always know this address. Henry J. Barba died on 1 April 1947 in Cincinnati.

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Barba Family

As hinted in my earlier post, revisiting the family connections in New Orleans, the Barba family appears in New Orleans records as merchants and liquor distributors in the 1800s. My connection to the Barba family is through my great-grandfather Harry O'Brien, who had a short-lived first marriage with Marguerite Barba in New Orleans between 1906-1911. Finding the references to the Barba family alongside Hubert Fellrath caused me to check again for news clippings or documents that might provide some additional insight into this family.

Marguerite's mother, Margaret Sarah Spangeberg, married John Barba on 9 May 1877 in New Orleans. He was a clerk with the importer and grocer Jose Barba, who I think was either his uncle or father. Margaret was originally from Mississippi, and may have come from a wealthy family. Margaret appears in the New Orleans City Directories with husband John as a dressmaker. She and John had three children:
- Leonora Barba, born 8 January 1879
- Henry John Barba, born 8 November 1882
- Marguerite Theresa Barba, born 3 September 1884

John Barba took on a new job as a clerk for Angelo & Joseph Solari and worked there in the 1880s.
New Orleans City Directory.
In 1889, the family was at 90 Orleans Street, in the French Quarter. Their domestic life was not a great one by this time. John was arrested in 1888 for assaulting Margaret, and from the reading of the clipping below, it appears this was the second time she had him arrested.
Times-Picayune, 10 Nov 1888.

John Barba must have died about 1890, as he was no longer in the City Directory. Margaret was listed alone as a dressmaker, living at 121 1/2 N Rampart Street. In 1893, she was at 201 Camp Street.
1893 City Directory, New Orleans.
Margaret and family covered a lot of territory between Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in the late 1880s-early 1900s, which makes me think she inherited a lot of money from her husband or from her own family. She appears in society clippings with daughter Marguerite in 1905 in Pascagoula, Mississippi; they attended a fancy wedding in 1896; checked into the Mexican Gulf Hotel in Pass Christian, Mississippi on 4th of July weekend in 1897.
Times-Picayune, 4 Jul 1897.
Margaret eventually went into renting furnished rooms for rent. In 1898, she advertised in the Times-Picayune that she had rooms for rent from $1 to $4 per day.

By 1900, Margaret and the children appear in Birmingham, Alabama. Her son Henry was working as a cashier at the Hotel Morris Bar, a luxury hotel located on the corner of 19th & 1st Avenue North.
1900 US Census. Birmingham, Alabama.

1900 US City Directory, Birmingham, Alabama.
Morris Hotel. Source: Bhamwiki.
Margaret and her children had returned to New Orleans in 1901, and she had acquired the home at 708 Carondelet Street. This is where my great-grandfather would meet Marguerite Barba in 1906.
Times-Democrat, 10 Sep 1901.
1910 US Census, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

View of Carondelet Street

Photo by Eugene Delcroix. Louisiana Digital Library.
The photo above is titled View of Carondelet Street and is from the Louisiana Digital Library collection. This was the street where my great-grandfather Harry O'Brien lived at least from 1906-1908 in New Orleans. I will have more on Harry's connections in New Orleans, and on the family of his first wife, the Barbas.