Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trip to Minnesota

K. D. Jones on his boat in Minnesota. Aug 1995.
Another postcard among the photos passed down from my Nana and Gumpy provided some context to a visit my Dad made to the US-Canada border in August 1995. Nana and Gumpy were staying in Tower, Minnesota in their mobile home, and my Dad drove up to visit them with a boat that he had built (see the photo above). We still have the boat.

It is interesting to see that my Dad wrote the date wrong as November, but clearly it was mailed from Indianapolis to Minnesota in August 1995.
Dad camping in Minnesota, Aug 1995.
Tower is located on Lake Vermillion, north of Duluth, and not far from the US-Canada border.


Photo by K. D. Jones. Swimming the Fly.
Here is another throwback action shot in my high school swimming days. I was either swimming the 100 Fly or 200 Individual Medley. I am not certain of the date, but likely this was during the 1991/92 season.

I feel like I may have posted a zoomed & color-enhanced version of this photo on the blog previously but I can't find it. In any case, this is a copy of unedited photo that I used to make the color-enhanced one so many years ago. It was in a photo album belonging to my Nana, Betty Jeanne Reynolds Jones.

Mom and I took advantage of the rainy day yesterday to go through a large box of old photos. I'm pleased to be able to resurface these in digital form. More to come.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Postcard from Dad, 1994

Photo by Patrick Jones. Postcard from K. D. Jones, June 1994.
It is a rainy day here in Northern VA, so we tackled an old box of photos, postcards and other stuff passed down from my grandfather to my Dad. In the set was this postcard mailed by my Dad on a stopover in Hong Kong to Jakarta, Indonesia in June 1994. The note is the kind of thing that people would put in an email or text today. Dad flew from Indianapolis to Japan, then Hong Kong to Jakarta.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Postcard dated 9 Jun 1994, Hong Kong.
The line at the end about the Rockets refers to the Houston Rockets, who were in the NBA Playoffs at the time. They ended up winning the NBA title in 1994.

My Nana and Gumpy were living in Fulton, Texas at the time. This is near Rockport & Corpus Christi on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Below is another postcard from the same trip, mailed from Indonesia back to Nana and Gumpy in Texas. My Dad was teaching a class in aircraft engine maintenance in a mountainous area near Bandung, Indonesia.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Postcard from K. D. Jones, Jun 1994.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Postcard from K. D. Jones, Jun 1994.
His note mentions wanting to visit Mt. Tangkuban National Park, this is a volcano on West Java north of Bandung.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Announcing a new job in 1960

Indianapolis Star, 7 Aug 1960.
The clipping above announced a new job for my grandfather, Keith D. Jones, as a technical representative for Oakite Products in August 1960. He had previously worked as a supervisor at the US Naval Avionics Center in Indianapolis. I knew this from the postcard I posted back in 2012. My Gumpy's brother, Robert P. Jones was a senior executive with Oakite in 1960, which may have had something to do with him taking on this new role.

The job with Oakite would later take Gumpy to Texas. I will have more on his time in Texas in a future post.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

At the beach

Alma Oyler Jones. Galveston, Texas. Feb 1971.
Here's another one of my great-grandmother Alma Oyler Jones, taken at the beach at Galveston, Texas in February 1971.