Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Keith and Blanche

Undated, showing my grandparents on the right.
Back in September I posted a few photos of my grandparents, Keith D. Jones and Blanche Allene O'Brien Jones in 1941. Here are a few more photos from my Gumpy's photo set. These are undated, but likely from around the same time, early 1940s. In the one above, Blanche and Keith are passengers in the front seat, I cannot tell who is about to drive the car.
Keith and Blanche. Indianapolis.
Blanche and Keith.
The set reminds me of today's selfies, capturing their relationship at an early time. They clearly had a lot of fun.

Monday, December 5, 2016

1937 Road Trip Photos

Photo by K.D. Jones. Open Road, 1937.
Back in July 2012, I posted a transcription of Chapter 13 from my Gumpy's collection of short stories he self-published in 2000. The story recalled his road trip in July and August 1937 from Indiana out west to California and back. This past weekend while visiting my Mom, I found a set of photos he took during the road trip.
Photo by K.D. Jones. 1937.
Seeing the photos puts the trip in new context. The Black Canyon photo below was clearly taken at Hoover Dam, which had just opened 2 years before Gumpy & his traveling companions arrived in 1937.
Photo by K.D. Jones. View from the road at Hoover Dam. 1937.
Photo by K.D. Jones. Signal Hill, California. 1937.
The photo of Signal Hill captures the area when it was predominantly oil wells. Below shows a view from San Francisco, looking out toward Alcatraz.
Photo by K.D. Jones. San Francisco, 1937.
The last photo in this set shows a dusty country road. I think this may be the road to the Jones home in rural Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana. This was probably the view of their return from the long road trip as they made the drive home, or the parting shot as they left home to begin the drive west.
Photo by K.D. Jones. Outside Thorntown, Indiana. 1937.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hold that Line

Arsenal Tech High School Football, 1937.

Among the old photos that belonged to my Gumpy was an action shot with the handwritten caption "Hold that line." I have a strong feeling this was his high school football team, very likely from the 1937 Arsenal Tech team in Indianapolis.  

Trip to the 1939 World's Fair

Photo by K.D. Jones. New York, 1939.
In September 1939 my Gumpy took a road trip from Indiana to New York for the World's Fair. He would have been 19 at the time. The photo collection that belonged to him had a number of photos from that trip, such as the one above. I also found a cool postcard dated 14 September 1939 he sent to his parents back in Indianapolis. He saw the Empire State Building, the Fair and said "Nice day alls well. Seen not much. Have taken 13 roll of film." The photo collection only had a sampling from that trip.

On the way to New York, Gumpy must have stopped in Washington DC, as there were some photos in the collection from Mount Vernon, the George Washington Masonic Memorial, the White House and Arlington Cemetery. I captured a copy of his photo from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Photo by K.D. Jones. Arlington Cemetery, 1939.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sunset on Lake Michigan

Photo by K.D. Jones. Lake Michigan, likely summer 1938.

This morning we helped my Mom set up the Christmas tree, and this provided another opportunity to go through the old photographs that were passed down from my Gumpy to my Dad. The photo above is undated, but I have a feeling this was taken during the summer of 1938 while my Gumpy was working as a lifeguard at Indiana Dunes State Park.

Gumpy had a good eye for photography, and I'll be sharing some of his photos from the 1930s and 1940s on the blog for the next week.