Friday, August 31, 2018

The End of Summer

Photo by K.D. Jones, Thailand, 1969.
Somehow the days have gotten past me and we have arrived at the 31st of August. Yes, it is still scorching hot on the East Coast and we likely have another month & half of warm weather before cool fronts become a regular occurrence. Yes, the autumn solstice is 22 September. Also, the Tuesday after Labor Day marks a traditional end of summer. There is also the end of calendar summer, which would be today. Tomorrow begins a new month, September.

It will continue to feel like summer on the East Coast for a while. But change of pace is coming.

I had intended to keep up July's blistering pace of posts into August, but clearly that did not happen. I do have several new items to go through. I also have a new slide scanner arriving today, so that I can convert old slides at home rather than pay a photo service too much money to do it for me. My Mom had another 50+ slides taken by my Gumpy in the mid 1950s, around 40 or so taken by my Dad in the late 1960s-mid 1970s. I'm looking forward to getting these converted and saved.

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