Saturday, February 4, 2017

Benjamin's inventory

An inventory of the estate of Benjamin Holsclaw was filed with the Spencer County, Kentucky Court on 7 November 1839. His most expensive possession was a bay horse. Benjamin's son Stephen bought the horse in the estate sale.
Source: FamilySearch. Kentucky Probate Records.
Source: FamilySearch. Kentucky Probate Records. Image 407.
Source: FamilySearch. Kentucky Probate Records.
From the estate sale, we can also see Benjamin owned 106 acres of land, likely in Spencer County. Proceeds from the estate sale were distributed in September 1866. The estate sale generated almost $6600. The heirs received $525.44 each.
FamilySearch. Will Book G, p 323.
Benjamin was 82 when he died. His wife, Sarah Sally Kemper Holsclaw, had preceded him in 1828. Benjamin and Sarah are my connection to German immigrants who moved to Colonial Virginia in 1714, the Germanna Colony. Both of their parents were descended from these immigrants, and several of their siblings intermarried in the Holsclaw and Kemper families. The Germanna Colony is on our list of places to visit over Spring Break. I will have much more on this in the near future.

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