Friday, November 11, 2016

Golkonda Fortress

Photo by Patrick Jones. Golkonda, Hyderabad, India. 1 Nov 2016.
I am back in Virginia from a long 10 days of meetings in Hyderabad, India. It feels like the poles have shifted and we're now in an alternate universe. This will take some time to process the change we are about to experience. I don't like where things are heading.

As today is Friday, I am happy to share some photos from a brief visit to the historic Golkonda fortress outside Hyderabad. The diamond mines of Golkonda are famous for the Hope Diamond, and several others now part of crown jewel collections in France, Iran and the United Kingdom.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Golkonda.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Climbing up to the fortress.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Golkonda fortress.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Gardens at Golkonda fortress.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Golkonda. 1 Nov 2016.
It took about an hour to climb to the top and back down. We could have spent longer there exploring the vast grounds. There is a very cool Hindu temple at the top, and I will share those photos in the next post.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Incredible views.
Photo by Patrick Jones. View from top of Golkonda.

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