Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Tudurys

Continuing the research into the Tudury family of New Orleans, I thought it would be useful to provide a summary on the family of Raphael Tudury and Dorothea Paderas.
Source: Ancestry, Louisiana Wills & Probate Records, Image 1602 of 1912.
Raphael and Dorothea had at least the following children:
- Martina Antoinette Tudury (born 22 October 1863, died 10 June 1926)
- Joseph Theodore Tudury (born 3 March 1867, died December 1944)
- Frederick William Tudury (born 5 October 1869, died 11 December 1940)
- Dr. Raphael "Ralph" Adolph Tudury (born 13 August 1871, died 20 Dec 1950)

A search of news articles on the family at revealed the family to be involved in the New Orleans social scene. Joseph and Ralph were well known in their younger days as musicians.
Times-Picayune, 8 June 1890.
Times-Picayune, 28 Aug 1887.
Times-Picayune, 1 Oct 1888.
Times-Picayune, 14 Oct 1888.
Times-Picayune, 3 Apr 1891.
This makes me wonder if my great-grandfather Harry Edward O'Brien would have been familiar with music written by the Tudurys, as he was in New Orleans beginning in 1906.
Times-Democrat, 1 Jun 1895.
Times-Picayune, 4 Mar 1888.
Ralph Tudury graduated with a degree in medicine and pharmacy from Tulane University in 1893. He married Emma Bray in October 1893, and the wedding ceremony was covered in the Times-Picayune as a grand event.

Martina "Tiny" Antoinette Tudury married John H. Carrerras in September 1889. She regularly appeared in the New Orleans newspapers, and later took on the administration of her mother's estate after her death in 1900.

Fred W. Tudury worked in the New Orleans music and piano business. I will have a separate post on him shortly.

The family of Raphael's brother Antonio Tudury settled in nearby Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, and the Tudury children regularly spent time in Bay Saint Louis with their cousins. Antonio Tudury's wife Catherine Lux Tudury operated the Tudury House hotel in Bay Saint Louis. When she died in 1888, her death was covered in the Times-Picayune newspaper:
Times-Picayune, 4 Mar 1888.

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