Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Closer Look at the Picture

While taking a close look at the people in yesterday's photo of the Liga Protectora Latina leaders from 1916, I noticed a similarity to a painting of my second-great-grandfather Vicente Campuzano and his second wife Beatriz Palacios (Correction* - 11 August 2015. I think this painting is of Vicente and my 2nd-great-grandmother Maria Jesus Vasquez). I think Vicente is in the fourth row, last on the right, just behind a banner and next to a column. See the comparison below:
The book Mexicans in Phoenix states that the picture from 1916 was provided to the author courtesy of the Romo family and the Phoenix Museum of History. It appears the museum closed in 2008-2009, so I'm not certain if there is a way to check for a full list of the names for the people in the LPL photo to confirm if this is my second-great-grandfather. But sure looks like him.

Correction 11 August 2015 - After comparing the painting against this photo of Vicente and Maria Jesus Vasquez, I am convinced the painting was based on the photo.

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