Sunday, August 18, 2013

Still Hoosiers at Heart

For our kids, Indiana has been "the place where Grammy, Grandma & Grandpa live." For me, I was raised in the state, went to undergrad & law school there, and continue to follow the Colts, Pacers and IU basketball from afar. Our Jones family has been living in Indiana since the mid to late 1870s. In the next month, my parents will be moving from Indiana to Northern Virginia. We are very excited to have them within a 40 minute drive instead of a nine hour drive or multi-hour flight including connections.

This is not the first move away from the state for them. Before I was born they lived for a brief time in Northern California. They later moved to Houston, Texas, before returning to Indiana. When I was younger, we made the move as a family to West Texas, and later to Germany in 1985. But now that they are joining us in the Metro DC area, my sense is that this is the last of our Jones line to live in Indiana for the foreseeable future.

Since the start of the blog, I have shared some of our family stories that have touched on the Hoosier State. Here is a list of the counties where various branches of the family have lived, or where their presence has been recorded on my side of the family:

- Boone County (Jones, Armstrong, Vail)
- Montgomery County (Jones, Armstrong, Vail, Hampton, Booher)
- Marion County (Jones, Reid, O'Brien)
- Morgan County (Jones)
- Johnson County (Jones)
- Tippecanoe County (Oyler)
- Dearborn County (Oyler)
- Daviess County (Oyler)
- Gibson County (Lamon, Smith)
- Parke County (Lambert)
- Fayette County (Lambert, Brown)
- Vigo County (Lee)
- Harrison County (Lamon, Smith, Muck, Fellme)
- Crawford County (Smith)

I will be using this list to help guide research for off-line records in these counties, primarily in Boone, Montgomery, Dearborn, Daviess, Gibson, Fayette, Vigo, Harrison and Crawford.

It appears that through my 4th-great-grandparents Ursula Fellme and John Muck, we qualify for membership in the Indiana Genealogical Society's Territorial Guard Society of Indiana (documenting ancestors who lived within the boundaries of Indiana on or before 11 December 1816). Ursula was born in Indiana on 1 May 1816 and John Muck was born in Indiana in 1812. I'll add this to my to-do list for later this year.

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