Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Slowdown

Blogging has been tough do this month, from primary obligations and travel, but also because I have not felt the pull of the keyboard to bring family stories to the digital page. I intend to put more energy into this for the remainder of June, but I will have to fight against the tropical temperatures here in DC, the end of elementary school and the gap before summer camp begins.

Last week I was in Los Angeles and historic Pasadena for meetings. I'm not planning any travel between now and our mid-year international meeting in Durban, South Africa.

In an effort to spur more writing, I have turned my attention to my wife's surname line, the Havens family. The research has so far led to Tazewell County, Illinois, but census records from Tazewell point to an earlier beginning in New Jersey. My task is to connect the line from Illinois to their earlier home in New Jersey. I suspect one source of an answer to this task is located at the National Archives, in the Civil War pension file of Alexander B. Havens, my wife's 3rd-great-grand uncle. I'm hoping to see a copy of that file in the next week.

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