Sunday, May 5, 2013

A postcard between cousins

The postcard below was sent in March 1909 by eleven-year old Edna Pearl Allman, to her cousin Dewey Runyan (daughter of Dora Jane Allman Runyan) in Vermilion County, Illinois. Edna was the niece of my 2nd-great-grandmother.
Edna appears to have been a lively, fun kid. It is sad knowing that her time was cut short.

She fell ill to tuberculosis and died at the age of 15 on 30 July 1913. Her story made the Indianapolis Star in the 1 August 1913 issue (found this evening on
There are a few more photos in the Allman set. This is probably the most touching find in the package of photos and postcards. In 1913, the Heaton farm of her grandparents was located in Sugar Creek Township in Boone County. Agnes Allman Oyler, my great-grandmother Alma and her siblings, likely visited and would have experienced the pain of her loss. Alma and Edna were close in age (Alma was born four months before Edna in November 1897).

I post this as a memorial for Edna Pearl Allman, who died too soon, almost 100 years ago.


  1. This is a sweet memorial for one who died too soon.

  2. Dewey Runyon was my great aunt. She died on 11 November 1970. I was in Viet Nam at the time. We still own the Runyon farm in Blount Township. Vermilion County, Illinois

    1. I was in Hyderabad, India when you sent this comment, sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks for reaching out and for finding this blog. Feel free to email me directly.


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