Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Photo - Rainy Day at Wabash College

Last Friday I went back to Wabash College for the first time in probably 8 years, to give a lunch talk about the Internet and my primary field to interested students and faculty. It was great to go back, see the campus and speak in a room in Baxter Hall where I had classes.

Below is a view toward the Allen Fieldhouse and Athletic Complex on the left side, with the back side of Sparks Center on the right. This is a walk I probably made hundreds of times in 4 years toward the pool, but the view is a little different than I remember. The pool is certainly much nicer now. Light drizzle during the day was about typical for this time of year, and it added to the fall look.
Photo by Patrick Jones - Wabash College, October 2012

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