Friday, December 21, 2018

Visit to Tucson

Plutarco and Granny, Mission San Xavier, Tucson. 1970.
From the set of slides I am currently converting into digital, here are a few more photos from the visit by my grandparents to Tucson, Arizona in 1970. The first shows my Granny and her father, my great-grandfather, Plutarco Campuzano at the San Xavier del Bac Mission outside Tucson. The one below shows the two of them on his porch in Tucson.
Granny and Plutarco. Tucson.
The third shows my Granny sitting on the left, with her aunt Concepcion Campuzano Polito in the middle, and her daughter Betty on the right.
Lydia, Concha, Betty. Tucson, 1970.

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