Sunday, August 19, 2018

Turning trash into art

Photo by Patrick Jones. Art by Bordalo II, Long Beach Museum of Art. 16 Aug 2018.

On Thursday afternoon, I had an opportunity to visit the Long Beach Museum of Art to see the Vitality & Verve III exhibition. The work above is by Portuguese artist Bordalo II, who uses plastic trash, turning the items into art.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Seal by Bordalo II. 16 Aug 2018.
I have other photos to bring to the blog. I had planned on sharing a bit more photos while I was on the road last week in LA, but that didn't happen. Before I left for this trip, I received a huge set of material from the Cranbrook Library and Archives in Kent, England, so I will have that information to go through for the Oyler side of the family.

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