Saturday, July 22, 2017

Returning to the Vasquez Family

Arizona Daily Star, 8 Feb 1938.
The addition of more newspapers for the Arizona Daily Star on has provided an opportunity to go back and see what references I may have missed on branches of my Arizona lines. One such example is above, a death notice for Amelia Heras Vasquez, widow of Adolfo Vasquez.

Adolfo and Amelia's son Raul Vasquez was featured in the Arizona Daily Star in April 1941, in a story on his work as an ornamental metal craftsman. I have included the photo of Raul below.
Arizona Daily Star, 6 April 1941.
Another article from 1953 describes the well-known ironwork of Vasquez and Vasquez. Raul and son Frank Vasquez were responsible for the ironwork in the All Saints Church on South Sixth Avenue and the restoration of the San Xavier Mission.
Arizona Daily Star, 28 Jun 1953.
Raul's son Frank has another connection to the Suastegui side of the tree. In 1939, Frank married Amelia Suastegui, daughter of Francisco Suastegui and Laura Vasquez.

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