Sunday, July 23, 2017

Francisco and Laura

Arizona Daily Star, 16 Nov 1954.
Working backward from Amelia Suastegui Vasquez, this post completes the research on her parents Francisco Suastegui and Laura Vasquez. Francisco died in Tucson on 15 November 1954, and I have included his obituary above. Laura's obituary is below, she passed away on 18 January 1980.
Arizona Daily Star, 20 Jan 1980.
When I wrote about Laura last year, I referenced the voyage she took with daughter Amelia and son-in-law Frank Vasquez in 1956. Here is another clipping describing the trip:
Arizona Daily Star, 5 Apr 1956.
There are additional articles on the family but I am now working backward on the Suastegui line. More posts to follow in the near future.

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