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Sussex Connections

Source: The British Museum. The Sussex DownsEdith Dawson, 1910/13.
Several siblings of my 4th-great-grandfather George Oyler made their homes in Sussex, England. His parents, Samuel Oyler and Elizabeth Standen Colville, had their first two children in Winchelsea, Sussex. George's younger sister Hannah married in Brighton, Sussex in 1844. George and his family departed England from nearby Rye in 1828.

George's brother David Oyler (born in 1798) married his first wife Maria Crane on 15 November 1819. David and Maria had possibly six children in Salehurst, Sussex:
1. Daniel Oyler (1820)
2. Edward Oyler (1821-1903)
3. David Daniel Oyler (1824)
4. Henry Oyler (1825)
5 & 6. twins John and Mary Oyler (1826) * (these two may have been children of David's second wife Mary Selves, the records are not clear).

Maria died around 1826. David married Mary Selves in England. They had two sons, William (1829) and George (1831) before immigrating to America in April 1832. They arrived on the Ship Ontario in New York on 9 April 1832.
Source: Ancestry. New York Passenger Lists.

David and Mary were joined by Edward, David Daniel, Henry, John, Mary, William, infant George, and Mary's brother George Selves. His family settled in Hamilton County, Ohio, near the family of his older brother George. They appear in the 1840 and 1850 US Census in Hamilton County.
1850 US Census, Hamilton County, Ohio.

David and Mary had six more children, all born in Ohio:
- Sarah Oyler (1834-1930)
- Maria Oyler (1836)
- Elizabeth Oyler (1837)
- Thomas T. Oyler (1839)
- David Oyler (1841)
- Jane Oyler (1843)

David died on 8 October 1858 in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Susanna Oyler (born in 1800), a sister of my 4th-great-grandfather George, also lived for a time in Sussex. She married William John Ongley on 22 June 1818 in Winchelsea, Sussex. They had three children before she passed away:
1. William Henry Ongley (1819)
2. John Thomas Ongley (1820)
3. Mary Elizabeth Ongley (1822)

The Ongley children immigrated with their father William John to America, with William Henry and John Thomas traveling first.

In looking back at the previous generation of the Oyler family, the family connections in England shift inland to neighboring Kent. The next post will cover the family of Samuel and Elizabeth Oyler.

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