Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Poll for Knights of the Shire

Source: Google Books. Poll of 1837, page 45.

Several members of the Oyler family show up in the Poll of 1837 for the election of Knights of the Shire to represent the Western Division of the County of Kent in Parliament. In Cranbrook district, George Oyler senior (1779-1861) appears first. He would be the brother of my 5th-great-grandfather Samuel Oyler, who appears as Samuel Oyler senior (1765-1840). Samuel junior would have been Samuel (1765)'s son, born in 1792. There are so many men named George and Samuel in this family it can often be confusing. As my 4th-great-grandfather George Oyler had already moved to America in 1837, I think it likely the second George Oyler on the poll may have been George (1779)'s eldest son, along with the Thomas Oyler listed.

Samuel (1765) had died by 1840, but it looks like he was still listed on the Poll of 1847. I find it interesting Samuel junior had a dog-kennel farm in Cranbrook. The Samuel listed in the Town of Cranbrook may have been a son of George, born in 1805.
Source: Google Books. Poll of 1847, page 35.
I have found a copy of the will of Samuel Oyler (1765-1840) at the UK National Archives, will be sharing that on the blog in the near future.

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