Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Blacksmith

While continuing to go page by page through the Sonora, Mexico Catholic Church records, I stumbled across a declaration from my 5th-great-grandfather Ramon Orosco dated 15 November 1862. Ramon provided his declaration on behalf of Francisco Gradias. More important for me, he listed his occupation as herrero (blacksmith), married, and 71 years old. The declaration includes his signature.
Source: Library of Congress, c 1916. Camp Blacksmith in Mexico.
Source: FamilySearch, Image 566 of 586.
Since Ramon says he was 71 in 1862, this would put his birth year about 1791. In the marriage record for Ana Maria Orosco to Pedro Suastegui, Ramon's wife is listed as Reyes Baldes. It is likely she was still alive in 1862, so hopefully as I continue to go through the Catholic Church records I will run across other references to her and others in the family.

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