Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marriage Record for Vicente Jr and Celia Pompa

I have written previously about my great-grand-uncle, Vicente Campuzano Jr, son my my second-great-grandfather Vicente Campuzano and brother of Plutarco Vasquez Campuzano. After deserting the 158th Infantry prior to it being sent to France for World War I, Vicente Jr. returned to Altar, Sonora, where he married Celia Pompa, the daughter of Fernando Pompa and Antonia Valencia.

The couple filed a marriage intention on 18 June 1919, and were married on 7 July 1919 in Altar. Their marriage record was in the Mexican Catholic Church Records on FamilySearch, and copy is below:
Source: FamilySearch, Mexican Catholic Church Records
It is great to be able to see these records from Mexico. There is also a set of records from the civil ceremony for Vicente and Celia, but I have not yet copied those.

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