Friday, April 25, 2014

Looking again for the parents of Mary Alice

Last week and earlier this week I theorized on a potential find on the parents of my second-great-grandmother Mary Alice Cain Read. I considered that her last name could have been misspelled as Cain but may really have been Crain. Helpful Kentucky researcher Linda cautioned against the too convenient solution, and to look closely at available evidence. So, I am looking again. I've gone back to the available information to try to find a birth location for Mary Alice.

Here's what I have: Two of Mary Alice's children were born after 1911 in Kentucky and have birth certificates. Pearl Read was born on 5 August 1912 in Barren County, Kentucky. In the Kentucky Birth Index for 1911-1999, it lists her mother as Mary Cane. Carl Read was born on 12 July 1914 in Barren County. In the Kentucky Birth Index, it lists his mother as Alice Cane.

Linda suggested that I look at the birth certificates for Pearl and Carl Read to see if these documents list a birth location for Mary Alice. So I have ordered these documents from the State of Kentucky. I should receive the copies in about a week or two. Hopefully these documents will have helpful information on Mary Alice.

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