Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Travel Tuesday - New York by Train

Very soon I have a conference at the United Nations in New York. For this trip, the family will join me for a few days, and we'll all the take the train up the Northeast Corridor to Penn Station. While they have been on the DC Metro, for the kids, this will be their first trip on a "big train".

I was my son's age when I rode the historic train at the French Lick Scenic Railway in Indiana, and I remember that being a fun trip. Big steam engines were much more common in Indiana's early days. While the Amtrak won't be the same as one of those old trains, I hope the kids enjoy the train ride to New York and back.

I had an email exchange this week with my Dad about the upcoming trip, and he mentioned that he took a train from Indianapolis to New York in 1959. He said it had a dining and observation car, and was a lot a fun for a 13-year old. Most likely he took the New York Central Railroad to Grand Central Station.

I rode Amtrak last June, taking the train to New York and back for the day. That trip was for a talk at the offices of Calvin Klein in the Garment District. I was particularly lucky with spectacular weather on that day, not too hot, sunny & low 80s. We are hoping for a repeat of that weather but the forecast looks pretty hot.
Photo by Patrick L Jones
Photo by Patrick L Jones

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