Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Photo - Santa Monica

I have been in meetings this week in Los Angeles. The photos below are from 15 March 2010 in Santa Monica. The skies have been as beautiful this trip as it was in the set below. This has been a welcome break from the 100 degree temps in DC.
Photo by Patrick L Jones - Santa Monica Pier
Photo by Patrick L Jones - Santa Monica Beach
Our new headquarters is in Playa Vista, which has a fascinating history as the birthplace of Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose. I have some photos from this area and will post those another time.

While I've been out here this week I received some information from the University of Arizona Library on the Liga Protectora Latina, so I'll be posting that when I get a chance. This adds color to the time in which my 2nd-great-grandfather Vicente Campuzano was in Tempe and Tucson, Arizona. I also have a package of information being sent home by a helpful librarian at the Carson-Newman College Library in Jefferson City, Tennessee.

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