Thursday, November 14, 2019

Updated AncestryDNA results

AncestryDNA Update, 14 November 2019
Ancestry has released another update to their reference population for AncestryDNA. They are now using over 40,000 reference samples, up from 13,000 in August 2018. I'm a little disappointed in my results. While my percentage of England, Wales & Northwestern Europe has dropped to 68%, my Native American (Indigenous Americas - Mexico) has dropped from 5% to 4% and I still don't see Spain. Germanic Europe is now 4% and Nigeria has changed to Cameroon, Congo and Southern Bantu peoples. France dropped to 3% and Sweden has disappeared again for me.

My sister's results changed a little too. Her England, Wales & Northwestern Europe is now higher than mine (72%), but her Ireland & Scotland is lower (17%). She still has higher Native American than I do, and she has 2% Spain & 1% Portugal.

My Mom's results had some exciting changes. Her percentage of England, Wales & Northwestern Europe dropped from 58% England to 46%. Her Ireland & Scotland remained essentially the same, along with her Native American (now Indigenous Americas - Mexico). Her Spain went back up to 9%. Now she also has 1% Indigenous Americas - Yucatan. This is really cool to see we might be part Mayan. Her Sardinia & Basque both remained at 1%.
AncestryDNA results for B.J. 14 Nov 2019.
In comparison with her sisters, one Aunt's percentages changed to show Indigenous Americas - Mexico 11%, Indigenous Americas - North 1%, Indigenous Americas - Andes 1%. Her Spain also went back to 11%. The other sister also had some fascinating new results. Her Spain is up to 12%, Indigenous Americas- Mexico 12%, and now she has Northern Africa at 2%, Norway at 1%, Sardinia 1%, Basque 1% & Indigenous Americas - North 1%.

Dad's results changed too. His percentages for England, Wales and Northwestern Europe dropped from 87% to 69%, while his percentages of Ireland and Scotland went up to 26%. Sweden now shows up at 3% along with 2% Germanic Europe.

It is interesting to compare my results now with the update from 2013 and the initial results in 2012.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Welcoming back basketball

Photo by Patrick Jones. Hoyas home tip off, 9 Nov 2019.
It's been a long wait, but basketball is back in action. On Saturday, we went to the season tip off for the Georgetown Hoyas in DC. One of the best deals in local sports is the Georgetown Kids Club, which is open to all kids in 8th grade & under. For $15 per child, you get four tickets to four mens basketball games (!), free admission to regular season games on campus for sports other than mens basketball, special invitation to clinics and other events, plus a few other bonus items. We've been going for the past few years and the games are always fun. Plus you get lower bowl seating and unlimited popcorn.

Last night I caught the end of Allison's UE Purple Aces upsetting #1 Kentucky at Rupp Arena, my Hoosiers won, Butler basketball won, and the Pacers won. It was a good night for Indiana basketball teams.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Back from Montreal

Photo by Patrick Jones. Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal.
I spent the first week of November in Montreal for my Annual General Meeting. This was my first visit to Quebec, I found Montreal to be a lovely city. I was not able to see much outside of the convention centre, but I did manage to have some amazing lamb poutine. Montreal is an easy flight from DCA, less than two hours, and worth a visit again when it is warmer.