Friday, March 1, 2019

WWII Draft Cards

Ancestry has added an update to the World War II Draft Cards from 1940-1947. I was able to find the draft card for my grandfather. In 1942 Gumpy was working at Allison Engineering, the same place my Dad would later work for over 30 years. The reverse side of the card said he had a scar over his left eye.
Source: Ancestry. WWII Draft Cards, 1942.
Reverse of Draft Card.
The draft card for my Uncle Bob, Gumpy's brother, shows that he was also working at Allison Engineering in 1940. He was also 6 feet tall.
Source: Ancestry. WWII Draft Card, 1940.
The draft card for my grandfather Leo Reid is also interesting. He was 21 at the time, in July 1941. He later joined the Air Force. Leo listed his address as 1341 Kentucky Avenue in Indianapolis. I've previously posted photos taken in front of this building from around the same time period.
Source: Ancestry. WWII Draft Card, 1941.

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