Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Month, New Places

Photo by Patrick Jones. Lincoln Street Tunnel, Columbia, SC. 30 Dec 2017.

The turn of the calendar to the month of February marks a big month of change for us. We're moving into a new house less than a mile from the current one we've been renting for five and a half years. My Mom will also be moving into the house, so not only are we going through the accumulation of things that have moved over the years, but she is too. So begins the great purge of 2018 and the start of an exciting new chapter as home owners once again in Virginia. There's quite a lot to sort through and get ready for the movers.

In addition to the big move, I also have an upcoming trip in Asia to one of my favorite cities, and a new location that has long been on my wish list. There's more to come on this later in February.

Fingers crossed that our winter weather cooperates.

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