Friday, February 16, 2018


Source: British Museum Digital Collection. Porch, Hale House. 1867.

For the past week we've been moving into a new place within a mile of our previous one. Our last move in this area was almost 6 years ago, but this time we are in a new house. My Mom will also be joining us in the house. While this is going to be an adjustment for everyone, we are really excited about the new place.

We hired professionals to move beds & the big stuff, but everything else we moved ourselves. I walked/climbed 48 miles in five days, so I'm feeling pretty exhausted from the move.

Blogging has been really slow this month and will continue into next month as I head out to Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific for three trips. Two of the three are work-related, and will have a mix of photos and updates from the road.

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