Monday, May 22, 2017

Mercado de San Miguel

Photo by Patrick Jones. Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid. 17 May 2017.

On our last afternoon in Madrid, we stopped into the famous Mercado de San Miguel for a snack of tapas and cava. In some ways this place had aspects in common with other markets I have photographed (see also Grand Central Market in LA), but the quality and liveliness of the place puts it in a class of its own.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Fruit vendor at Mercado de San Miguel.
We loved the empanadillas (unfortunately no pictures, these were gobbled up quickly), and cheese samples, which paired well with the cava. We will definitely return to the Mercado de San Miguel on a future visit to Madrid. Highly recommended!
Photo by Patrick Jones. A. Jones at the wine & cava vendor.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Mercado de San Miguel.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Historic signs.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Plaza Mayor, Madrid. 17 May 2017.
Photo by Patrick Jones. Historic signs in Mercado de San Miguel.
Allison snapped a few of her own photos on a visit to the Mercado earlier in the week, which I add here.
Photo by A. Jones. Mercado de San Miguel. 13 May 2017.

Photo by A. Jones. Churro & Chocolate. Mercado de San Miguel.

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